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Earth Invaders

Made for LD38

Welcome to Planet Earth. Since humanity ruined everything in the universe, waves of meteorites are coming towards us! Defend the world by destroying the meteorites. You don't want to get our small world too small, do you? ;)

This game has been made using:

  • Java (Eclipse)
  • GIMP
  • Looplabs
  • Launch4j

Made by:

Things you might want to know before playing:

  • Windows SmartScreen might block the executable. Click on "More Info" and then you should see a "Execute anyway"-button or so.
  • Also Chrome might block it. Click on "Keep" to still download it.
  • The sounds volume is a bit buggy. Please don't put your headphones too loud.
  • Everything has been done within the 72 hours mark.


Use A and D to move, W to fire.

Source code:


Install instructions

Download the file and open it up. Chrome (and also other browsers) might think this file could harm your computer, but this isn't true. Click on "Keep" to still download the file. Also Windows might block the executable, so click on "More info" and then on "Run Anyway" when you get a Windows SmartScreen popup.


EarthInvaders.jar 6 MB

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